Successor of the encryption software TrueCrypt

The German IT security specialist Sirrix AG announces a follow-up version of the popular open-source encryption Software TrueCrypt.

Saarbrücken, June 16, 2014. As a reaction to the announced end of the development of the encryption software TrueCrypt, Sirrix AG, Germany, plans to publish an open-source version of TrustedDisk as successor of TrueCrypt.

Three years ago, Sirrix had comprehensively analyzed TrueCrypt together with the escrypt GmbH on behalf of the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI). The findings, gathered during the audit, have been incorporated into the new encryption software TrustedDisk improving the TrueCrypt security architecture and implementation significantly. This includes an enhanced pre-boot loader, the random number generation, and the protection of cryptographic keys.

"With an open-source replacement of TrueCrypt, we want to ensure that private users still have the possibility to use a trustworthy encryption solution with a high level of security," said Sirrix CEO Ammar Alkassar. "In view of the anniversary of Snowden's revelations, the recommendation of the  TrueCrypt developers to switch to Microsoft's Bitlocker is incomprehensible," said Alkassar.

Sirrix AG already offers with TrustedDisk Enterprise a disk encryption solution (full disk encryption) with enhanced functionality compared to  the open-source TrueCrypt solution. This includes public-key cryptography for efficient key management, smart card support, and centralized management based on its own PKI. In 2012, the BSI has approved Trusted Disk for the processing of classified  (VS-NUR FÜR DEN DIENSTGEBRAUCH) data. Today, TrustedDisk  is widely used by  federal and state governments as well as companies in Germany, in particular those which are subject to security services.

The encryption of hard disks and other media is important for the protection against industrial espionage and theft of personal data. Therefore, the availability of trustworthy data encryption solutions has to be ensured.